Bay & Gerrard

Micro Site for a New Project By GWLRA

Atwater Condos


Design, Web Development, Social Media Consulting.

Silver Creative


Client: Silver Creative

Web design & development

Image acquisition

Extensive Photoshop work


Client: Villas Santerras

Logo design

Web design & development

Villas Santerras came to us not sure what they needed.  We hooked them up with a new logo, a fully integrated booking capable CMS website and the suite of social media tools, and connections as well as a blog.  The owner of Santerras is currently live blogging his motorcyle trip from Toronto to Costa Rica here.



Bluescape Construction

Client: Bluescape Construction Management Inc.

Web Design

Ongoing content management

Client: Green Genius Innovations

Web development & design of mobile friendly site.

Data design – ROI calculator

Image acquisition & creation.

Product photography.

Website hosting.

Winick Realty

Client: Winick Realty Inc.

Website development.

Photo shoot.

Blog set up and configuration.

Client: Inflamestore Inc.

Web development of mobile friendly e-commerce webstore.

Advertising materials.

Product Photography.



Bayview Concierge

Client: Bayview Concierge

Web Development of mobile responsive site.

CMS configuration.


Client: Organex Inc.

Work in Progress

Organex required a new website and some packaging materials designed.

We loved learning about the tech involved behind these porducts.